What do I submit?

  • Questionnaire (200 words max.)

    • Briefly describe the broader goals of your project. (40 words)​
    • What specific problem are you trying to solve for this submission? (40 words)​
    • Briefly describe your approach and what AI tools/methods are leveraged. (60 words)​
    • What makes your project unique? (40 words)​
    • What is the potential impact of your results in the fight against COVID-19? (20 words)​
  • Non-Technical Abstract (100 words max.)
    A compelling summary of your submission, composed for a general audience.

  • Descriptive Paper (1,000 words max., suggested breakdown below)

    • Introduction (100 words)
    • Problem Description (100 words)
    • Broad Approach (200 words)
    • Technical Details of Approach (400 words)
    • Results (100 words)
    • Impact (100 words)
  • Demo Video (60-120 seconds) A creative expression of the solution, designed to sell it, while explaining:​

    • Demo your project and the API’s used to run it.
    • Make sure to explain the problem being solved and walk-through how your solution works
    • Touch on your results and the potential impact of these results on COVID-19.
  • Source Code (or link to GitHub Repository)
    The top 25 solutions will be code-reviewed to assure quality​

  • List of Data Sources Used :

    • At least two datasets used must be from the C3.ai COVID-19 Data Lake.
    • All datasets must be open-access and links to any external datasets must be provided.