Unemployment data


I am trying to access data for unemployment in October, but it does not seem to be in the Data Lake. Do you know if this data will be added soon?


Which employment data source, you are querying, and for which location? We found for the US, “OIET_…” metric is really good (plus it is also the high-frequency one-being updated with 7 days moving avg)

In some states, it shows the “shock and recovers” behaviours (like CA). in some states (NY), it shown as the almost in-synced with the spread of the virus as the negative correlation.

But after the Sep 27th, the OIET ones become a consistent value, as also raised to @C3.aiGC in another post, they are checking and try to fix it now.

Thanks, I was referring to the LaborDetail API for all the states in the US.

Hi @matthewfan2022, unemployment data comes from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, whose website reports that October data will be released on Nov 20.