Timeout issue for US Census Bureau: Demographic Metrics in OutbreakLocation

Have tried to query the OutbreakLocation for the metrics from “US Census Bureau: Demographic Estimates” for example, TotalPopulation, Total population, …
The timeout errors shown after a few tries over the 2 days.

Tried another metrics from OutbreakLocation which are all working, look like just the metrics above facing timeout issue

Thanks for letting us know. This is a known bug that we have been working to fix over the last few days, and it should be resolved now. Remember to use “YEAR” interval and a start date of “2011-01-01” or later for these metrics. If you continue to encounter a timeout error, please send the specific OutbreakLocation id’s and metrics you are using.

Got it, many many thanks

As tested some of the population metric works, for example TotalPopulation and a few others as on the API doc.

but some are still having the time out bug : (, see the code below:
population = c3aidatalake.evalmetrics(
“spec”: {
“ids”: [“California_UnitedStates”],
“expressions”: [ “Male_AtLeast65_Population”],
“start”: “2011-01-01”,
“end”: “2020-01-01”,
“interval”: “YEAR”
get_all = True

Hi @Haonan, not all US Census Bureau metrics are available at the state and national level. For example, MaleAndFemale_AtLeast65_Population is available at the state/national level, but Male_AtLeast65_Population is not available at a state/national level. All metrics are available at a county level. See the Excel documents linked under the “US Census Bureau: Demographic Estimates” and “US Census Bureau: County Population by Age, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin” sections of the API documentation for which metrics are available at a state/national level. Does your project require some of the metrics currently available at a county level to be present at the state and national level?

Many thanks, ideally at state level.

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