Team Formation: New

Hi Everyone!

My name is Nabh and I’m pursuing my masters in Business Analytics with Data Science track.

I’m looking for team members for the competition. I can dedicate up to 20 hrs./week.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on LinkedIn -


My name is Sonali. I am done with my masters in data science and analytics. I am also looking for team members for this competition. I can dedicate up to 15 hrs per week.
I would like to participate with you as a team, if you are ok with it.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi Nabh,
My name is Devipriya. I am currently pursuing masters in Data Science. I would like to be a part of your team.

Also, it seems like you have locked your messaging option in linkedin for the people who are not connected. So, kindly respond here.


Hi Sonali, thanks for replying.

Let’s connect on LinkedIn -

We can take it from there.

Looking for forward to collaborate.



I am currently in the 3rd and final year of my Dual Master in Health Administration/Master of BioInformatics degree. I am also currently employed as Data Analyst for a Health Insurance Company. I am looking to become more active in the data science community and therefore I am throwing my hat into the arena. I have intermediate experience in Data Science with domain knowledge in healthcare. If interested please feel free to reach out on email at:



Hi everyone,

anyone willing to join our startup team for this hackathon?

Hello everyone!
My name is Jie. My background is in mathematics. I have some experience implementing classical ML models to extract insight from big data. My tool kit includes Python, Spark, HDFS. I’m interested in collaborating. My email is


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would send you an email

Hello Tolulade,
I’m interested in collaborating. My email is

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I am interested in joining. I am currently a Solutions Engineer starting in Data Science. My email is

Hello Emalone,

Would shoot you an email

I am looking for a team to join in. I am currently a data engineer. My email is

Hello nabhmehta,

Are you still open for the Team members , if yes, please do consider me. You can get look on my profile :

Thank you .

Hey everyone! I am currently looking for a team or forming with 4 more like-minded teammates! I’m pursuing a path of software engineering and would love to work with collaborative people! Feel free to reply to this message or emailing me at


I’m a first year Master of Business and Science degree student at Rutgers in User Experience Design concentration. I don’t code but my specialty is user centric design. I’ve done hackathons before and worked with developers. I am looking for a team to join. I can commit 15 hours a week. Here’s my Linkedin profile:

Hi! I am an applied mathematician and have background in probability and statistics. Now I am working on machine learning with python. You can email me on Best!

@Rania can form a team…if you haven’t joined any?