OIET_ data issue and Realtor_

Looks like for all the “OIET_…” metrics, starting from 2020-09-27, there are all missing (for all US states), but keep a consistent value for the rest days. I guess due to the missing, you guys take the most recently available one for the other days, correct? Could we be able to get the updates for these metric in the further?
Similar behaviours also found from “Realtor_…” metrics

Hi @Haonan. For most metrics we interpolate missing data using the most recent non-missing value, as you noted.

The Realtor.com data is up to date with the source data. It is released monthly. The most recent release was Nov 5 for October data (date = 2020-10-01), and the next release will be Dec 5 for November data. Since this dataset is available at a monthly frequency, you can use data from the first date of each month as the data for that month.

Opportunity Insights Economic Tracker tends to change datasets and data formats relatively frequently. We will look into the specific cause of the pause in updated data, and fix it if possible.