Looking for team

I am a data science master student with little knowledge on analytics. Looking for a team (and possibly people I can learn from).

Hi :wave:, I am looking forward to build or join a team. I recently graduated from SAIT. I find myself really good in android and have built couple projects. Other than that, I am good at Java and have built one project in machine learning using Python as well that predict housing prices based on various factors available.
Contact me at Rohitashav.aggarwal768@gmail.com

Hi~I am currently a PhD student in Biostatistics at UC Davis. I have done several data analysis projects in my Master’s program in Biostatistics as well in Cornell and published papers. I would love to join a team with teammates who are good at machine learning stuff and coding with languages that I am not super familiar with such as C++ and Java (I do mostly R and Python and sometimes SAS). Please contact me at casxu@ucdavis.edu. Thank you :smiley:

Hi community,
I am looking to join a team. I a Microsoft certified data scientist and have done a number of projects mostly on python. I can be reached at: jaq059@gmail.com

Hi Pancaldi,

Thanks for reaching out! I tried sending an email to the link you put, but it didn’t connect.

I am a first year in the Masters of Science in Business Analytics at SFSU. I work only with Python and have a decent understanding of machine learning. I am aiming to use the c3 ai challenge as a platform to further my understanding of analytics with real-world application, but the other members have much more experience than I do.

Welcome aboard! I’ll invite you to the slack channel if you are interested in joining the team.


Okay great!
Hope to see you in the slack channel.

hi pancaldi,
your email bounced back. Could you please relink your email?

Did you use this email: jaqo59@gmail.com

yes just sent the invite!


I’m a master’s graduate and I’m interested in working on data science and analytics projects. I am currently looking for a team.

Hey Vickus1,
I am a Data Science intern at Menschforce and a CS and Economics undergrad. I am looking to further my knowledge of python, ML, and data-oriented insights to better the world in the midst of this pandemic. I would love to join the slack channel you have set up and contribute in any way possible.

Anirudh Prabhu

Hello Anirudh

Would like to join in my team?

Sri Aditya.

Hey everyone! I am currently looking for a team or forming with 4 more like-minded teammates! I’m pursuing software engineering and would love to innovate! Feel free to reply to this message or emailing me at johnnyni2961@gmail.com



Is anyone still looking for a team member? I have experience in data analytics and python. I’m hoping to use this as an opportunity to learn and innovate.

I’m a first year Master of Business and Science degree student at Rutgers in User Experience Design concentration. I don’t code but my specialty is user centric design. I’ve done hackathons before and worked with developers. I am looking for a team to join. I can commit 15 hours a week. Here’s my Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ahreum-ko/

Hi, Maya! Iam looking for a team as well. I have experience in Python programming(Pandas mostly), can build ML pipelines and do optimization of algos. My LInkedIn account for contacting me:https:
I can commit up to 20 hours per week or depends)

That’s great! Thanks, I’ll contact you now :slight_smile:

Hey! I have a similar set of skills and will contact you too through Linkedin if it’s ok (:

Hello, I am mobile developper in react native, I have also skills in python.
Let’s work together !

Is anyone still looking for team member please count me in…I have some experience in ML with python.
If anyone looking for a team member consider me in.