Looking for team members

I am looking for teammates so if anybody is interested. I am a graduate CS student

@alpnelson I’m also looking to join a team. We can team up, if you’re interested

sure. hit me up on nelsonalp1993@gmail.com

I have Deep Data Analysis experience, looking for team member.

Hello, you can join David and I. Bring your idea on board lets discuss. you can reach me on nelsonalp1993@gmail.com

I am Shouvik, I am a graduate data science student.
If there is a space could I join in?

I’m looking for a team member.
I have analytical experience in engineering.

I am looking for a team to join. I am a graduate with a major in analytics and experience in the same.

Hi folks,
I am also looking for a team. If you still have space, hit me an email at nvtrang91@protonmail.com
I am a mechanical engineer heading to data science path.
Thank you

Hi all, I am a 4th-year biomedical computation major with significant programming and biology experience. Please reach out to markl21@stanford.edu if interested.


I am interested to join. I am a graduate student in Business analytics and information systems.
Please connect at malathy.munusamy@gmail.com

I am a Data analyst programmer. looking for joining a team !


Hi Vikas, still looking for team mate ? I have just registered today and happy to team up.

Would you like to have a team mate ?

@vikas i’m a masters graduate in analytics currently working for a social enterprise building a product based on AI and would like form a team with you


I am currently in the 3rd and final year of my Dual Master in Health Administration/Master of BioInformatics degree. I am also currently employed as Data Analyst for a Health Insurance Company. I am looking to become more active in the data science community and therefore I am throwing my hat into the arena. I have intermediate experience in Data Science with domain knowledge in healthcare. If interested please feel free to reach out on email at: xrkp5@umsystem.edu.



Hello guys,

I’m in the look for additional team members to join our startup team (corporate) - Team Reispar for this hackathon project.

Team members in ML & DS.


Have you gotten a team?

We are looking for team members for our startup team - Reispar

Hello everyone,
I would also be looking for a team member. I have a masters in ML and would love to find others to get involved with here.
Let me know!

Yes please. i would love to join in !