Is that possible to get future data for some Metrics having projections?

For example, metrics like UniversityOfWashington_AdmisMean_Hist, etc. In the source data, it provides the future projection until (Jan 2021). But right now, in OutbreakLocation, it only contains the “until today” data, is that possible to get the future days’ projections as well?

Similarly, for the weather metrics (AverageDailyTemperature, etc), there must be future days’ prediction for 1 week or 2 weeks later as well.

Of course, we don’t need these projection data for model training, but that will be very handy for the model to provide a long-term prediction if we would take some of these metrics as input features.

Hi @Haonan, future projections are now available using “end” dates later than today. AverageDailyTemperature is available two weeks from today, and University of Washington projections are currently available until Feb 1, 2021.

@C3.aiGC you guys are amazing, many many thanks