Bioinformatician Looking for TEAM MATES

Hi all,
I am on the verge of finishing my Ph.D. I understand how proteins work, I have experience in working with small molecules, especially in the drug designing area. I have been studying for the last 8 months the CoV-2 main protease which is the potential drug target.

I am an expert in Molecular Dynamics, Molecular Docking, Drug Designing Tools, etc. I also write Python and Fortran, recently I have done a Machine Learning Course to understand and collaborate with the AI scientist to be fruitful for each other.

I am looking for a team who are experts in AI, CS and who understands a bit of Chemistry.
My profile:

Feel free to contact me.

Good Luck to you all.

Hello Akash,

I’m a software engineer with a lot of industry experience in AI, genomics, and data science and engineering. I’m definitely interested in working with your skills on this contest.


Hi the time is over, even I couldn’t register. But we can stay in touch for other competitions.
Drop me an email.