Biblioentry/getarticlemetadata Internal Server Error 500 (JSON conversion)

If you query with
body {'ids': ['5z3s5pjl']}, you will get response status code 500.

The error seems to be C3ai server being unable to correctly convert data into JSON:

>>> a = json.loads(response.content)
>>> a['id']
>>> a['message']
'Value not convertible to json: String'
>>> a['codes']
>>> a['cause']['id']
>>> a['cause']['codes']
>>> a['cause']['cause']
{'message': 'Unexpected end-of-input: was expecting closing quote for a string value\n at [Source: (StringReader); line: 1068, column: 1307]'}
>>> a['cause']['message'][:150]
'[{\n    "paper_id": "6daca390ad9b7e330f843410f2218f0b27915cd0",\n    "metadata": {\n        "title": "The calculation of information and organismal compl'
>>> a['cause']['message'][-150:]
'rks cannot produce all molecular species at once. The chemical potential imbalance, at various points in the network, is the drivin] is not valid JSON'

Hi @joy13975, unfortunately we don’t have a good workaround for this at this time. You may want to use a try-catch block in Python in case the result json from getarticlemetadata can’t be properly accessed, and please let us know if you notice this issue across a larger number of articles.