AllVersionsForPolicy Missing Data


I am currently accessing the AllVersionsForPolicy, but it seems to be missing the data from 12 states like Alabama and Alaska. Is there any way I can get the data for the rest of the states?

Thank you

Hi @matthewfan2022, thanks for bringing this issue to our attention; we’ll look into it.

Accurate, comprehensive, and granular policy data is one of the harder-to-find types of COVID-19 data. One alternative to using AllVersionsForPolicy for time series policy data at a state level is to use the OutbreakLocation evalMetrics API with the metrics listed under “University of Oxford: Coronavirus Government Response Tracker”. These metrics provide time series numerical data on policy responses, but do not include written policy descriptions.

while we are also playing with our models, indeed the OxCGRT ones are good features, ranked very high in our model, and we also derived quite some insights and patterns from it.