Additonal Team members

Hi guys,

I’m looking for additional team members (ML & DS background) to join our startup team Reispar for this hackathon.


Hey Toludae,

I’m happy to join if you have room. I am a data scientist for the VA.

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Hello William,

Thanks for the interest, could you please share with me your git and link to your data science projects?

Please what’s the full meaning of VA.



Hi Tolulade,

My name is Shouvik, I am currently pursuing Master of Data Science, I would be interested to join your team.

Hi Tolulade,

I’m interested to join.
I am a data analysis with ML and deeplearning expert. just read about this challenge and want a team to join.

VA stands for Vereran Affairs.

Hey everyone! I am currently looking for a team or forming with 4 more like-minded teammates! I’m pursuing a path of software engineering and would love to work with collaborative people! Feel free to reply to this message or emailing me at


hey, i am also currently looking someone for team i am ready to join i working on data science and machine learning for 1.5 years on topcoder and kaggle winner of contest on topcoder , kaggle expert

Hey, Johnny

Are you still looking? I’m a data analyst with experience in data science/ML too. You can reach me at

Hi! I my background is in applied mathematics with probability and statistics. Now I am working on machine learning with python. Feel free to contact me !

Are you still looking for a team…we are a group of two…if interested to join us mail me at