About source code

I’d like to discuss a situation with my source code in private. Is it possible to do it?
Thank you.

Could you share a bit more about the situation while keeping the details general? On the Rules and Eligibility page, it states that “your team may use code and data that is open-sourced and publicly available to all other participants.” Non-public software cannot be used in submissions. Your source code should be submitted as a link to a GitHub or other public repository at the time of submission.

Hi, I used commercial simulation software to build a model.
The license should be bought to use it. It is a bit old, but it is working.
Thank you.

Unfortunately, only open source software is allowed as part of your submission; commercial software is not allowed. If you have any more detailed questions about this requirement, please email us at covid@c3.ai.

Seems like misunderstanding.
Commercial software is a Monte-Carlo discreet-event simulation language. I developed the model using this software. My model has about 1000 lines of code. It is like coding a model on C++, but without using C++ license. I am confused. Please, clarify.
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We want to use our own product (an advanced decision management suite) to build a solution for the COVID-19 challenge. It was developed by our company. It has in-built components for data analytics and to model the business rules without having the need to use a programming language.

Because it is available commercially, we want to clarify whether it is allowed to use our product for this challenge.

Please let me know.

Hi, Thank you for response.
I looked on the “Rules and Eligibility” page, but I could find only requirement about open-sourced data, not code. “but all data sources used must be available for public use and be disclosed in the submission forms, along with the applicable license for each data source”.​
Please, advise.
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Hi @vovash and @subhashi, please see our response regarding commercial software here.